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The Best Memes And Social Media Reactions From The US Election 2020

With this presidential election it took a while until the votes were counted in the United States, which not only led to some crazy tweets from Donald Trump but also to a lot of funny memes and social media reactions from people waiting for the results of the votes counting staff. Here are some of the funniest pictures around the US Election 2020. 

When Donald Trump made the crazy suggestion to “stop the count”, Sesame Street was trending on social media and of course this was happening:


When the world was still waiting for the election results, this meme was pretty accurate:


And of course we’re still waiting for the results from Nevada…


When Anderson Cooper called Trump “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun”, this social media reaction made me laugh pretty hard:


Now that we know that the next president of the United States will be Joe Biden, this picture seems appropiate:


Last but not least: Now that Trump is planning a couple of law suits, here is some good advice from George Takei:

The saga continues?

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